Kanzleramt II

Juli 31, 2012

Kanzleramt 2

Sportplatz und Kraftwerk

Juli 27, 2012



Juli 22, 2012


Potsdamer Platz

Juli 20, 2012

Potsdamer Platz


Juli 16, 2012


Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Juli 15, 2012

Haus Der Kulturen der Welt

Carneval der Kulturen in Bielefeld

Juni 7, 2012

Cherry Blossoms in Berlin

April 28, 2012


Februar 27, 2011

Heute Vormittag habe ich, nach dem Besuch der Robert Mapplethorpe Ausstellung im c/o berlin, noch eine kleine Runde rund um die Friedrichstrasse gemacht.

Teutoburger Wald in Bielefeld

Dezember 30, 2010

Vierter Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin 2010

Oktober 1, 2010

Berlin wird zum 4. Mal Gastgeber des europäischen Monats der Fotografie sein. Ein Highlight ist bestimmt die Ausstellung von Peter Lindbergh im c/o Berlin. Aber auch Nan Goldin in der Berlinischen Galerie und Barbara Klemm , Galerie Kicken Berlin, zählen dazu.

15. Oktober bis 28. November 2010

Eröffnung am 14. Oktober um 19 Uhr in der Berlinischen Galerie

Die 4. Edition des Europäischen Monats der Fotografie Berlin präsentiert sich als ein Festival im Umbruch. Der Fotomonat dauert diesmal sechs Wochen, weil er – dem Rhythmus des Berliner Kulturherbstes angepasst – bereits Mitte Oktober beginnt. Größte Änderung ist jedoch das Experiment einer verbindlichen thematischen Vorgabe an die teilnehmenden Institutionen. Das Ziel war es, die Ausstellungen und Veranstaltungen auf ein Thema hin zu fokussieren und damit der besseren Wahrnehmbarkeit und stärkeren Profilierung des Festivals zu dienen.

„Moderne Zeiten, neue Bilder“ lautet die Umschreibung für das Thema, das die Fotografie als Instrument der Modernisierung in den Blick nimmt. Museen und Kulturinstitutionen, Galerien und Ausstellungshäuser waren aufgefordert, ihre Beiträge unter verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten dieser Modernisierungsfunktion des Mediums zu widmen. Denn längst ist allgemein anerkannt, dass mit Fotografien keineswegs „die Wirklichkeit wiedergegeben“ wird. Was die Kamera erfasst und wie das Ergebnis wiedergegeben wird, ist vielmehr Interpretation der Wirklichkeit und damit Schaffung neuer, zusätzlicher Wirklichkeit. Mehrere zum Thema passende Felder wurden den Teilnehmern von uns exemplarisch genannt, und alle Bereiche tauchen mit historischen, vor allem aber zeitgenössischen Beispielen im Festival auf.

Wer möchte, kann sich die Website nach diesen Themenfeldern ordnen oder sich die herausgehobenen „Highlights“ anzeigen lassen. Erstmals wird es in Gestalt der Berlinischen Galerie auch ein Festivalzentrum mit einem großen Veranstaltungsangebot geben.

Überraschende und verstörende, kontroverse und atemberaubende Bilder warten auf neugierige Besucherinnen und Besucher. Der 4. Europäische Monat der Fotografie Berlin 2010 wird mehr als nur ein Fest fürs Auge.

Quelle: http://www.mdf-berlin.de/

velodrom Berlin

August 22, 2010

the craziest party hostels around the world

August 15, 2010

Feature photo by fortes

Jagermeister at 15,000 Feet

Photo by jongos

Everyone wants to party on the road but with a million hostels in the world, where should you go?

I’ve searched high and low, drank with the best of them, and endured sleepless nights by the toilet to find the best party hostels out there.

Here are twenty that will keep you drinking, dancing, flirting, and hugging the porcelain goddess until the sun comes up:

Surf N’ Sun

Location: Gold Coast, Australia.

With a swimming pool and open courtyard, the Surf N’ Sun packs the young, the wild, and the alcoholic.

Bar Crawls take place every night and the hostel offers punch and free club entry. Boxes of goon start flowing late afternoon when people come back from the beach.

The Clown and Bard

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

With a 36 person dorm room, this place is always hopping. There’s a bar downstairs with a two for three happy hour beginning at 7pm and a live band filling the air.

Music gets blasting and four deck games of Kings have been known to break out as people forget there’s a city outside the hostel. If you’re in the 36 bed dorm, bring earplugs as this place does not follow any of the hostel sex rules.

The Flying Pig

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With its bar and pillow lounge, the Flying Pig is the spot for those looking to channel their inner Bob Marley. There’s a constant cloud of smoke seeping out into streets at all hours of the day and night. Don’t worry if you run out- there are two coffeeshops across the street!


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Base features a downstairs club that pumps out music every night. You won’t get any sleep as the music filters up the floors and entices you to come down and party until dawn.

The young and the restless fill the dance floor after drinking pitchers of beer and cheap, colorful shots. There’s usually theme and karaoke nights that let you embarrass your self all night long.


Hostel Loki

Photo by obvio171

Location: Cusco, Peru

Located in a 450 year old building, Loki is known throughout South America for its parties. With regular events, an open lounge, and theme nights, I wouldn’t expect any sleep here either. The bar is regularly packed so tight, you’ll be practically grinding against your neighbor.

#11 Happy Guesthouse

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Why: Located by the lake in Phnom Penh, #11 Happy Guesthouse features a huge patio, two big screen TVs, a pool table, and one dollar beers. Always packed, this hostel is filled with the party seekers who spend their days sightseeing and night drinking beer before heading to the infamous Heart of Darkness.

St. Christopher’s Inn

Location: London, England

A bar, karaoke, cheap drinks, and a license to go until 4am all means that this hostel is bursting with partygoers and one the busiest in London. After you drink it down, you can take it off at the rooftop hot tub. People here know where the action is and if you play your cards right, it just might be your room.


Barcelona, Spain

Photo by foraggio

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Located in the center of Las Ramblas, Kabul has a very open second floor where all parties happen. Happy hour officially begins at 7, which is usually a few hours after everyone wakes up.

With a reputation for partying, this place keeps drawing those who start partying at 2 a.m. and sleep until 2 p.m. This place gives new meaning to the term “late night.” I was called a quitter for sleeping at 5 a.m.

The Rising Cock

Location: Lagos, Portugal

The Rising Cock is infamous for its parties and it’s well deserved. Two things happen at the Rising Cock: drinking and drinking.

Start your day with the hostel’s booze cruise on which the majority of people get naked, and then keep the partying going with drinking games at the hostel. If you can’t handle 24 hour partying, this hostel is not for you.

The Pink Palace

Location: Corfu, Greece

The Pink Palace is one of the world’s most famous party hostels in the world and with good reason: toga parties, cheap shots of ouzo, happy hours, and theme nights. After a day at the beach (which is just minutes away) or their booze cruise, you’ll be spending the night dancing at their club, Palladium, until the sun comes up.

The hostel has over 300 beds- there’s a good chance, you might not end up in yours!

The Treehouse


Photo by prufrock27

Location: Ko Chang, Thailand

Every night is a bucket night at the Treehouse, and it’s the perfect blend of a relaxed hippy vibe and partying with a very active dance floor and a lot drinking. This place has all the ambiance you need and you don’t have to stay there to party there. People trickle in from all over to have fun, making this a hotspot on Lonely Beach.

The Yellow

Location: Rome, Italy

With a bar downstairs and semi-nightly pub crawls, it’s pretty easy to meet people at the Yellow. It’s not a huge hostel either making the close quarters also convenient for meeting fellow travelers.

Ostello Archi Rossi

Location: Florence, Italy

This place has been popular for a long time as evident by the walls covered by the names of past guests. A big courtyard and common dining area keep people mingling and drinking vino rossi.

There are some clubs down the street and, when they close, you can move back to the courtyard to keep the party going. The rooms are a little away from the action so you can actually get some sleep if you want.


thought tower in the niht

Photo by gpwarlow

Location: Berlin, Germany

Known for its partying, Wombats rarely sees anyone over 25. With an ultra-chic bar, everyone breaks out their best attire and pickup skills here. Cheap drinks keep travelers mingling all night long. If you can’t meet anyone here, you can’t meet anyone anywhere.

The Jazz on South Beach

Location: Miami, Florida USA

Located right near the beach, The Jazz on South Beach has an excellent bar that hosts the bold and beautiful of South Beach. This is the place to stay if you’re looking to be seen in South Beach.

Carnival Court

Location: Capetown, South Africa

There’s no chance of a good night’s sleep at Carnival Court. Located near a lot of bars (there’s also a bar in the hostel), this place is a hangover waiting to happen.

It’s wild here and everyone is looking to break a new drinking record. The staff will point you in the direction of the parties but you just might have trouble walking there as the fun here starts well before the sun goes down.

Millhouse Hostel

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The music is on 24-hours a day at the Millhouse and the atmosphere is extremely social! Each night has a different activity such as dance party, karaoke night, and tango lessons.

Definitely a hostel for those that want non-stop fun and excitement right at home! Most commonly heard line: “Were those moans from the porno shop next store or did you get lucky last night?”

Auckland Central Backpackers

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Located right down town, this hostel draws upon the fact its part of the Base chain. That means all the craziness of Melbourne spills over with people getting down and dirty all night long. It will give you another reason to keep staying longer in Auckland. !

India House

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

A funky converted house that was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the India House features eccentric local characters and travelers who just can’t leave. Maybe it’s Bourbon St. Maybe it’s the jazz. Maybe it’s the beer vending machine in the kitchen. Whatever it is, people here know how to have a good time.

Tina’s Backpackers

Location: Caye Caulker, Belize

Located right on the beach, Tina’s Backpackers keeps people in close quarters. Everyone here is into island living – sun by day, drink by night.

Though the crowd tends to be a bit older (30ish), you wouldn’t know it by the way people party here. It is way off the beaten path but it’s worth it.

source: http://matadornights.com/20-craziest-party-hostels-around-the-world/


August 5, 2010

Neulich hatte ich in Hamburg eine Stunde Zeit bis mein Zug kam. Die Zeit habe ich genutzt um ein bischen in der Speicherstadt rumzulaufen. Dabei sind diese drei Bilder entstanden.

dunkin donuts

August 1, 2010